May 27, 2016

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If you want to make money from art it is a business. Stop ignoring your business!

Learn with me as we figure out what that means for our art.

Your Music is a Brand
In order to market ourselves we need to create our brand. What is our basic goal? What is our ultimate goal? What makes us unique? What about our art makes us unique AND what about our art could we do forever and ever?
The Importance of a Plan
Once you know what you want you have to create a plan of attack. This is your business plan. What are you reaching for? What are you doing right now that is getting in your own way? What are you doing that is spurring you further? What skills and resources do you need to get there? How are you learning and growing?
Content and Intentional Marketing
We are a story and that story needs to be told. Sending links to all your friends saying "listen to me, share me" gets old fast. Tell a story worth telling and tell it everyday of your journey to your ultimate goal. People like a good story. Take advantage of that.

Books I Recommend

Songs that Inspire me

Dissecting the Dialogue

Dreamr dissects marketing and business articles in a way that makes sense for the artists mind.

Unravelling the Music

Where we discuss your music. What are you doing? How are you doing it? And how can you make it better?

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