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Unraveling the Music

Over the years, I’ve been surrounded by a very diverse group of influencers.  My composing peers, obviously, but also film making and marketing gurus and other music industry figures operating on the business end of things.  It is with this unique perspective that I want to share my take on the world of the creative.  Not just music but the creative industry as a whole.

So I’m starting a Vlog.


Global Outbreak

          Check out the latest collaboration, “Global Outbreak“, and VOTE for us in the Rode Microphone contest.  It’s easy and fun!  So watch, vote, share, repeat! The concept, script, shooting credit, etc. all goes to Jared on this one.  I was in charge of keeping the baby quiet and then writing Read more about Global Outbreak[…]

Journey, Juice, and Jubilation

          Dreamr and inD Theater (an affiliate of Stage Ham) put together a teaser of sorts for our upcoming Travel Series.  In this video, you’ll see footage of all over Northern and Southern California taken over the past 3 years.  Jared and I love to travel and camp and see the Read more about Journey, Juice, and Jubilation[…]

Lucky Baldwins Commercial Live

          Lucky Baldwins commercial Your local family British pub I couldn’t wait to tell you this in my regular newsletter so I’m sending this one out special! So proud to announce Stage Ham and Dreamr Productions’ latest collaboration The Everyday Spot; now live. For the full version commercial (30 seconds made Read more about Lucky Baldwins Commercial Live[…]

Ninja’s, Nonsense, and Networking

          Nutri Ninja was our latest commercial endeavor.  Although it could have been very easy to go silly with this one (come on…a blender with a name like Nutri Ninja?!) we decided to pull at the heart strings a bit.  I tried my best to channel the music of P&G’s Thank Read more about Ninja’s, Nonsense, and Networking[…]

Bears, Burgers, and Beer

Stage Ham just wrapped their first commercial with British Brew Pub Lucky Baldwins last month.  This was a campaign consisting of a series of photos leading up to the actual commercial beginning in April.  The whole idea is to focus on online advertising through their social media networks. So be sure to “like” Lucky Baldwins Read more about Bears, Burgers, and Beer[…]

Coffee, Spam, and Baby Feet

Glad to have you! Now onto the fun. What do you want to watch/listen to today? Here’s some options below. And don’t forget to hit “subscribe” as new episodes and shorts are coming at you every single week! What to watch: Thoughts Over Coffee– One take thoughts of random phrases or questions over a morning Read more about Coffee, Spam, and Baby Feet[…]

Big News for 2015

Dreamr Productions and Stage Ham have joined forces! Stage Ham re-launched as an umbrella company to incorporate all things Dreamr and Stage Ham: Dreamr Productions- music creation and publishing inD Theater- “the internet’s drive-in” for indie movies Stage Ham- production company specializing in narrative story-telling   The YouTube Channel Band Wagon We’ve spent the last Read more about Big News for 2015[…]

Why Should You Hire Dreamr Productions?

Why hire a composer, when you can get stock music for little or no money? Would you hire an editor to edit your film– just because he’ll do it for $5 and a sandwich? Would you hire an actor– just because they’ll do it for free? Would you pick up a camera from a Goodwill Read more about Why Should You Hire Dreamr Productions?[…]

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