Life is more than what we're seeing...Dream

Dreamr Productions is...

A music storytelling company
The Mission: tell your story by creating a unique sound

I design music and sound for brands to create a B2B or B2C lifelong emotional connection.

Sound has a strong emotional impact on a human being. It creates a LIFELONG memory connection.

Because of this, it's critically important that a company brand a sound alongside their product. This helps to assure a lifelong connection between consumer and company.

This is where Dreamr comes in. We help you design your sound story by learning your vision and creating it's unique musical message.

  • Send us a message and give us a brief explanation of what you need.

    For Example: A jingle, a start-up sound for your product, a sound for when your logo is displayed, a library of music for your site, etc.

  • We learn your vision and brainstorm auditory options that best represents that vision.

    For Example: Instrumentation, sound effects, what images come to mind when you think of your brand, what images do you want your consumer to think of when they think of your brand, etc.

  • We create options for you to choose from. From those options we fine tune and craft a sound that best personifies your unique brand.

  • We mix, we master, we deliver. It's that easy.

For artists: To learn how to make music your business not just your hobby...