Life is more than what we're seeing...Dream

Dreamr Productions is...

A music storytelling company
The Mission: create unique sounds and tell their stories.

Jeanna Isham writes music for film, TV, and new media. She also has a passion for educating other composers and creatives on the importance of branding, marketing, and everyday content creation.

"I have a unique outlook on the entertainment industry as I am a musician fascinated with marketing as well as a co-developer of video content alongside my filmmaker husband."

  • The Dreamr Brand

    A go-to for quality music content and a music business resource to fellow musicians.

  • Dreamr Music

    Dreamr Productions has been making music for years. Through finely tested and artfully crafted work, Dreamr has created a own unique music storytelling experience.

  • Dreamr Marketing

    Marketing to both creatives and industry professionals alike. Dreamr is more than just music.

  • Dreamr Resources

    Dreamr's journey into marketing and brand awareness has brought about valuable tools for fellow creatives to streamline their process into making money from their art.

For artists: To learn how to make music your business not just your hobby...